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Mesquite Spring, Death Valley National Park, California

Campground Review from Kate

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I found out about this campground via the NPS Web site, and I tent camped there in March 2004.

Describe your camping trip:

This was my third time to Death Valley, camping in Furnace Creek, Stovepipe Wells and Mesquite Springs. Great time to go for weather and crowds. Just be prepared.
Pros: It's the only one in the main valley that does not allow RVs. There's a bit of a narrow entrance through the namesake mesquite that would not allow large vehicles. Great place to camp for cyclists. The bathrooms are clean and heated, the views are breathtaking on the bluff over the dry riverbed, it's quiet and actually a nice respite from most of the valley campgrounds, which are more vast dirt parking lots and less the type of campground most tent campers are used to.

Cons: The wind is not to be underestimated. The bluff over the riverbed is beautiful, but I learned it takes the worst of the wind. I guess there was a reason we had it all to ourselves.
Nearby attractions: There's not of lot of attractions near Mesquite Springs aside from Scotty's Castle and Ubehebe Crater. See "wind" under Ubehebe and take severe caution walking the rim trail. Mesquite Springs is close to the north entrance and not too far from the Eureka Dunes and convenient for those coming from the Bay Area.

Further comments:

This campground had a gale force blasting through it 24/7. It made putting up the tent a challenge. You should use all your guylines as a precaution and anchor them with rocks or tie them to the bushes.
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Update 2009, Member camping.guide

elh3946 posted this on the camping forum (4/19/09): I came across your review of Mesquite Springs Campground in Death Valley National Park and was surprised at your comment, ""It's the only one in the main valley that does not allow RVs."" I think that would come as a shock to all the people, including us, who camp at this campground in an RV! :) We've camped here numerous times in RVs as do many, many other people. There are no prohibitions against RVs in this campground, and, in fact, it has a dump station just for RVs.

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