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Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park, Garrattsville, New York

Campground Review from Wendy

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We knew about the Jellystone Park programs. We found this location on the Internet while looking for campgrounds in the Cooperstown, NY area. We camped there in August 2006.

Describe your camping trip:

We camped in a pop-up camper. The campground was very peaceful, and the setting was quite attractive. There's a good size lake for boating and fishing. We loved watching the sun come up over the water.
Pros: Family oriented program geared towards younger children. Campsites were a decent size. Fellow campers were friendly.

Cons: Bathroom and shower areas, while relatively clean, were not well-lit. Water in the sink was rusty when water first turned on. Many ducks and geese living on the property have left their droppings throughout the campground. Bring a rake to clean your site. A video game arcade was onsite, but the change machines were not working properly. Most campers I spoke with had no cell phone service available to contact family or business in case of an emergency.
Nearby attractions: Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame, James Fenimore Cooper Museum, Glimmerglass, and Soccer Hall of Fame.

Further comments:

The cable went out while we were there. It remained out of service for the entire weekend. When we asked if there was any kind of credit we could receive on our bill, the staff member checking us out was not sure. She took our payment, but told us one of the managers should be returning to the office in a few minutes and asked if we had time to wait. When the management person returned she told us that she could not credit us back anything on our bill. Then she offered us a free rental of a kiddie pedal cart. We had just rented and returned three such carts. No refund offered back on that either. We asked, "Why would we want to do that when we had already checked out?" Their attitude seemed to be "oh well, we already got your money. We don't care." Up to that point we had enjoyed our stay there, but their attitude at checkout completely turned us off Jellystone. The counselors, on the other hand, were very pleasant, and they were great with the children.
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