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Fort Clark Springs, Brackettville, Texas

Campground Review from Lloyd

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I found out about this campground at an RV show.

Describe your camping trip:

This is an older park but a friendly park, and it has two golf courses and a fishing creek going through it. Deer and turkey roam throughout this park. There is a lot of history at this old fort, which was home to a lot of different commanders like General Patton, and it dates back to the mid-1800s. It is well worth going to, if you are in the area.
Pros: The history and world record bass fishing nearby.

Cons: It's 30 miles to the nearest big town.
Nearby attractions: The Alamo and village that John Wayne had built for the movie "The Alamo."

Further comments:

This park is old but well worth going to, if you like history and wildlife.
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