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Burlingame State Park, Burlingame, Rhode Island

Campground Review from Nancy

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lived in Rhode Island and came here about 15 years ago as a young adult with friends. I tent camped there in May 2007.

Describe your camping trip:

Beautifully set on a large area of all diffent sorts, whether you like woods or beach (a little more crowded area) or even fishing, or if you want to be next to the facilities or the store, which has everything in it nominally priced too.
Pros: Stayed near the beach area and had fabulous neighbors. There was a playground for the kids within walking distance. We could get our own wood from the surroundings alone, as long as it was still daylight.

Cons: There was no soap in the bathroom, but no campgrounds have this anyway. Just because the facilities are clean doesn't mean you are not still camping. If coming in at night for the first night setup, good luck. You might want to just grab yourself the available ranger then. You cannot see anything, I don't care how good your headlights are. The signs are all in dark and are not even visible at night in any sort of way. I got a park ranger after driving around for a long time, and she drove me right to my site. Then she even helped with her headlights for me to set up the tent quickly.
Nearby attractions: Misquamicut Beach, Watch Hill, that was devastated by the Hurrioane of 1938 as well as a lot of the East Coast, but this area, as peaceful and beautiful as it is, almost has an eery feeling, no kidding.

Further comments:

Have a good time here. It's a non-drinking place, mind you. Just don't make it known and I find you and your camping partners will find that you can, as long as it is not a noticible problem or annoyance. This is, after all, family camping.
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 3 out of 5
First time at Burlingame, Member grblueman

I just returned from a 4 night stay in the 500 loop.(July 1st thru the 5th) My wife & I shared the site with friends, another couple. The site was deep & roomy, and fairly private.We did have to call the rangers one night to have some nieghboors quieted down an hour after ""quiet time"",but other than that it was pretty peacefull most of the time. If you go don`t plan on using the campground boat ramp because you can`t park there, you have to launch & then drive back to your site to park (rediculous) my site was nearly a mile away at the other end of the campground. I did find a public boat ramp however, outside the park but wasted alot of time finding it. Also the restrooms near us ran out of toilet paper in the ladies room twice & once all the ladies toilets were clogged at once, the mens room was fine though. It`s a huge campground & I was there on a very busy weekend but I think they need many more showers, the wait got pretty long at times. The camp store was fairly well stocked but a bit pricey on most items. Didn`t like their firewood, all pine & not well seasoned. Had a real hard time trying to burn it & was not successfull so I returned it for a refund and found some good well seasoned hardwood down the street (for less money)away from the campground & had some great fires. We went one day to Gallilee & bought lobsters right off the boat for $5.00 & $6:00 apiece (depending on size) then stopped at a farm stand for corn on the cob. That night we had a feast of boiled lobsters & fire-roasted corn at our campsite, yum and,yum !!!! Also spent a nice day on the Charlestown beach. Everything is within a reasonable distance, overall it was a good experience and I would go there again.

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