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Gunstock Campground, Gilford, New Hampshire

Campground Review from Kathy

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I found out about this campground online, at a camping show and from skiing there. I RV camped there in June 2007.

Describe your camping trip:

We went camping here after seeing some old reviews that were mixed with pros and cons. I'm writing this review to give an updated review on this campground considering the last one I could find online was over 3 years old. There were some definite pros and cons about this place. Unfortunately, mostly cons. The staff was extremely nice. We checked in on a Saturday night, and the place was pretty packed.
Pros: We camped on Fir street, where all the seasonals are. I would definitely pick a street again. The staff were extremely nice. The horseback riding was another great thing about this campground. We did drive around the entire campground, and we found tons of terrific campsites for wilderness camping. So, if you are a tenter and you can live without the hookups, this is a perfect place. They do have a well-stocked store with pretty much anything you could need or ask for.

Cons: No activities. The security was really bad. Gates left up where anyone could just come in. I didn't feel safe leaving my bikes and anything outside of my camper. We only saw one security person drive by once each night around 7 pm. The pond they advertise for boating is really small, and the mini-golf is the worst mini-golf place I've ever seen. The bathrooms, especially the showers, are in desperate need of some improvement. The pool was really bad. It was so disgusting that I showered immediately after going in it. They also do not have any lounge chairs at the pool. They do not watch the campers or set rules either. When we were there, kids were running around like animals diving and jumping in and out of the pool, which is 3 foot deep in some areas. Most of the campers left in a fit of anger. My biggest complaint of this place is the mowing of the grass on the sites. The lawn was full of weeds and grass that was in desperate need of mowing.
Nearby attractions: Weirs Beach, Weirs Drive-in, Lake Winnepausakee and Pirates Cove Golf.

Further comments:

I was really disappointed with this place and had high hopes when I found this place online. I can say that the staff was really very, very nice. When we did check in on Saturday night, the whole campground was completely packed and there were a bunch of rowdy guys at the end of our street who were swearing and drinking. They were fighting with each other late into the night. They finally got kicked out in the middle of the night. I thought that was great on Gunstocks behalf to all the campers that were stuck around those men. I was 10 sites down, and I could hear them fighting. The most depressing thing about our trip was how the pool was closed for the first 2 1/2 days we were there and it was 95-98 degrees out. We were dieing. Then when they did open it later into the day, it was so digusting you couldn't bare to swim in it. They should have better planned for those upcoming hot days. With July 4th only 4-5 days away you'd think they would want the campground in tip top shape, but I didn't find that to be the case. It's too bad, this really could be a great place.
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Rip off, Member kafu118

My sister booked a site for Friday and Saturday night during Bike Week an was told overnight guest were 20.00 each, not a problem it is Bike Week we expected to cost more since normally it's only 6.00 a person for overnight guest. I went to the desk to pay the 40.00 for my boyfriend and I - well we were told it was 150.00 for us to stay and we only needed to stay ONE night. that's one of the biggest rip offs Bike week. It's a good thing we were already in the area and didn't drive all the way up to find out it's was 150.00 to stay in a campground one night...

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