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USA RV Park, Gallup, New Mexico

Campground Review from Sandi

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I found this campground driving by, and I RV camped there in June 2007.

Describe your camping trip:

Patriotic signs and stuff everywhere. Ten minutes after arrival we were thrown out. No refund. My husband put leash on dog and headed for the dog run. Dog couldn't make it and pooped five feet from the run. My husband immediately picked it up. This man comes screaming at him that he is letting the dog use the world as a toilet, and we are evicted. I heard a commotion and came out to see what was going on. He told me to shut up we were being evicted. He was cursing and extremely rude. My husband said, "fine, I'll leave, just refund me." "No," he said, "just get out" and them called the police. While we were waiting for the police to come, I took our seven year old grandson to the pool, as he had been waiting for days to swim. This crazy man made everyone in the pool get out and locked the gate so our grandson couldn't swim. A friend traveling with us tried to smooth things over by saying, "give him a break, he was a disabled vet." This creep said it was not his fault, he didn't shoot him. All this patriotic stuff apparently was just a show. The police came and were very nice, but said we had to go it was private property, and they are called to this park two or three times a week. This man was crazy in his over-the-top behavior. He was rude and extremely nasty. The New Mexico attorney general's office said this is not even legal. Anyone who has a dog, I strongly urge to stay away.
Pros: I like the patriotic signs, clean campground.

Cons: Over-priced.
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Further comments:

The owner/manager is berserk.
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