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Lynnville Park, Lynnville, Indiana

Campground Review from Charlie

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I found out about this campground from information on an Interstate exit sign.

Describe your camping trip:

The campground is located near a beautiful lake with a lot of fishing activity. The lake is a reclaimed coal mine. The spaces are wide and level. They have a very nice playground and athletic field. The shower house is clean, and the water is hot. They have numerous tent sites located in the trees along side of the lake.
Pros: Nice people and the price is great. When we were there, it was $18 a night.

Cons: No cable or Wi-Fi. It's a long way to a laundry or grocery store. For the price of the place, the cable and Wi-Fi aren't a big deal.
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Further comments:

Prior to stopping at this campground, I had a fight with a dumpster and lost. Our camper was damaged, and I was too disgusted with myself to drive on to our destination. After getting into the sight, the host came over, looked at the damaged awning and the gash in the side of the camper and said, "we can fix that." He had enough parts and materials on hand to make the repairs, and by the next morning it was as good as new and the price was $0. We pulled in for the night and stayed for four days. Wayne and Sharon Wetzel are good hosts and great people.
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