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Black Bear Campground, Salisbury, Massachusetts

Campground Review from Carolyn

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I found out about this campground in the Massachusetts Camping Guide 2007, and I RV camped there in July and August 2007.

Describe your camping trip:

We are full-timers. Our site has 50 amp service, so we are parked along the perimeter of the park in a space that is a little short for a 40-foot coach. The site is dirt. The roads are paved with large gravel, which is noisy. If you walk daily for health, you will find the large gravel difficult to walk upon.
Pros: It has cable TV. The trees are nice. It is a convenient campsite for week-end campers, because it is convenient to the beach.

Cons: The laundry trailer is inconvenient and less than clean. Suspect, smelly liquid runs into the road at the pool area. The restrooms were uninviting and less than clean. The staff that we have been in contact with have been unfriendly and unprofessional. We needed to recieve forwarded mail via FedEx, and the staff was less than cooperative turning away our FedEx, because they didn't have us registered, althought we are staying a month and prepaid by check, in full, months previously. A great inconvenience for us.
Nearby attractions: Ocean, beaches and related activities. Boston.

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, Member ddneha

We recently stayed at this campground for 3 nights and while we were there the bathrooms were not cleaned or even checked. On our third morning there my husband and I went to all 3 bathrooms and could not use 1 of them. I had no toilet paper and the other 2 were flooded by running toilets that were overflowing. We had to go across the street to a dunkin donuts to go to the bathroom. When we returned I went into the office to complain and witnessed an employee behind the desk being extremely rude to a potential customer whom ended up walking out saying ""we will not be back here ever"". Would not recommend this campground to my worst enemy!

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