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Lake Fairfax Park Campground, Reston, Virginia

Campground Review from shafe76

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I was looking online for a campsite that was close enough to Washington D.C. to take advantage of the Metrorail service, and this one worked for us. I RV camped there in July 2007.

Describe your camping trip:

The campground is located at the rear of a large county park. The front of the park has a small water park that costs $9 per camper ($13 per person, if your there just to visit the water park). The county park is adjacent to the Reston Zoo, which has a small petting zoo and a tractor pull open range area for viewing zebras, ostriches and other grazing mammals. The campground itself is nicely situated, but there is electric only, so be sure to fill your fresh water tanks when you arrive (there's only one fresh water spigot located at the restroom building). The restrooms were clean, but dated. The showers are scary, because they are the kind that get super hot when someone flushes a toilet. Watch the kids.
Pros: It's located close to a lot of things for the kids to do.

Cons: No water hook-up/sewer hook-up for RVs.
Nearby attractions: Great Falls National Park, Reston Zoo, Lake Fairfax Water Park.

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