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Cherokee Ridge Camp n Cabins, Jamestown, Tennessee

Campground Review from Lorie

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I went to this campground when I was a kid, and I RV camped there in October 2007.

Describe your camping trip:

We went to the campground to participate in their Black Pot Jamboree, which is a Dutch oven cook-off. The campground was full. Everyone had a great time. The place was clean and very enjoyable, just as I had remembered it as a kid. Some things have been updated, but overall my entire family had a wonderful time.
Pros: I took first place in the cook-off with my desert, Almost Pumpkin Pie. The people that run the campground were great. The campground has been updated, and the bathrooms were the most clean and inviting bathrooms I have ever seen at a campground. Top notch. They were clean everytime I went in them. veryone there was having a great time. It was one of the most organized events I've been to. The grounds were beautiful. The fall colors there in the mountians were breath taking. After a day of cooking, you could walk their 86 acres of trails. They have beautiful landscaping with waterfalls and gorges. There are indian carvings in the rocks. Too much to describe, but just as I remembered it as a kid.

Cons: I wish I would have gone camping there this summer.
Nearby attractions: Did not get to any attraction, but there is a cave/swinging bridge and Big South Fork right down the road from them.

Further comments:

If you are thinking about cooking in a Dutch oven, this would be the place to go. The owner John talked to us about some tips that helped us out. John told us he's been cooking for over 20 years in his Dutch oven. He plans on hosting classes next year for anyone. We cooked up a storm the entire four days we were there. We didn't eat one bad thing.
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