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Sun Valley Campsites, Arkport, New York

Campground Review from Donald Cisco

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My wife found out about this campground on their Web site, and I camped there in August 2007.

Describe your camping trip:

This month was the third time my family camped at Sun Valley. We met some great people who camped in our area. We hung out at their site beyond quiet hours, and the owner came to ask us to break it up, so we did. We had such a great time we praised the place to our other group of campers. There are at least 14 of us. All of us went this August to NASCAR Fever Weekend. We got together and in fact a number of other campers joined in on our fun, nothing destructive, just fun. The owner came to our site using vulgar language and racial comments saying he has a hot spot and can do as he pleases. We talked about the issues at hand and resolved them. The owner's wife asked if we were going to reserve sites for 2008, and we stated that with such a large group we didn't feel comfortable being under the microscope, and we would talk it over with the group. In response to this, we were banned for life.
Pros: Great scenery and water falls.

Cons: The husband and wife owners. The husband, a hot head who thinks he rules the camping world, starts a situation and leaves his wife to iron things out. Then uses excuses that he works to much. The place is not managed when the owners leave, therefore not the most pleasant of rest rooms and quiet times not listed under park rules. Basically who wants to camp where. You never know when the owner is having a bad day.
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Further comments:

I have been a camper for almost twenty years. I am fully aware of the inconveniences that can occur, but the enjoyment of my family and friends far outway any of these. This is a sorry situation. Maybe he should let his wife handle the campgrounds and just take a breather.
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I have such great memories of this place!, Member ttroszkowski

I camped at Sun Valley from the time I was about 9 years old until I was 17 with my grandmother who had an RV spot there. I have memories of fishing in the pond with my uncles, climbing up the stream that empties into that pond up the mountain exploring for hours. I played in and on every inch of the waterfalls. I know the spot where there is a ledge under the falls you can sit on and stare out at the water pouring in front of you and areas where the rocks are so slippery you can slide like a ride (if you don't mind ruining a swimming suit bottom) down into the water. I spent hours in the arcade, listening to the jukebox with kids I had made friends with, spent hours in the pool where my uncles taught me how to swim before I was old enough to stay long term with my grandma. I love how spread out the camp is and all the woodsy areas around to explore. I now have 3 kids of my own and want to bring them to Sun Valley but I'm a little scared at how much it may have changed in the last 10 years. It has been a while but I'm hoping all the same wonderful characteristics and sense of adventure are still there the way they were for me as a child.

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