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Lake Siskiyou Campground, Mt. Shasta, California

Campground Review from lmorrinamc

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One of the couples we camped with used to go to Lake Siskiyou every year when their kids were younger. We tent camped there in September 2007.

Describe your camping trip:

300 sites, most of which are well separated. The campground has aged quite a bit since the kids were younger. The restrooms, although clean, could use some work. They did appear to be freshly painted (outside) since last year. Our group represents a family reunion - three siblings in our fifties, our wives and our children (three of whom have married). We get together the week after Labor Day, because the crowds are smaller and it's easier to get reservations.
Pros: Quiet, at least at this time of year. We counted less than ten other campsites occupied the week we were there. Things to do - swimming/fishing. A store is at the campground. There's not much to choose from, but they do sell ice, wood and a few other things.

Cons: For two years in a row they have not accommodated our requests to change campsites. They haven't even tried. This year, after arriving and discovering our campsite had very little shade in the afternoon, we asked if we could relocate to the adjacent campsite (we were the only campers in the loop). We were flatly refused, being told that particular campsite was being winterized, although we saw no evidence of it while we were there. We were only frustrated further when a loud group of 20-somethings moved into the site the following day and were allowed to stay. If that weren't enough, we were then chased out of the campsite on the other side of ours when part of our group decided to play cards at that picnic table, which was in the shade, because someone might want to stay there (with over 280 sites to choose from?). Each morning we were met with the sounds of several chainsaws at 6:30 AM. The lake concessions (canoes, paddle-boats) are closed after Labor Day. Disappointing, but understandable with only a few campers in the park.
Nearby attractions: Hiking, swimming and fishing. You're a short drive from numerous trails and breath-taking scenery.

Further comments:

This is only the second time I've posted a review on the Internet. Our family was raised camping and taught early on how to behave properly in public campgrounds. We're the people you want to camp next to. We observe quiet time, and we try to leave our campsite cleaner than how we find it (easy to do at Lake Siskiyou). We were very disappointed that one person was able put a damper on the whole week. I'd register a complaint with the owners, but I think she is an owner. Lake Siskiyou is a great location for camping. I can only hope for a management change, and along with it, an effort to spruce up a tired campground.
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Changes at the Lake...for the worst., Member Gold_Dredger

We arrived at the camp site on 8-16-10. After setting up camp I went up to check on the showers (#7). What a disgusting mess, the toilet had overflowed so we ask the maintenance man if someone could clean it. Three hours later no one had come by so we stopped at the check-in to let them know...again. Someone finally showed up and unplugged things and hosed it out...it was still a mess. Everyone used the one down by the store, it's the only one they clean. The lock on the toilet stall is still broken (it was broken last year). We have been coming here for about 8 years but in the last 2 or 3 years it has gone down hill. They use to clean the restrooms every day...not any more. They show up alright but do not clean anything, I went in right after they left and the floors were not even wet. In years past they would disinfect the floors and clean the showers...not now. I do not believe we will go back. It was a great place at one time...sad!

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