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Seven Oaks Lodge, Angelus Oaks, California

Campground Review from Jenna

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We live in Big Bear, CA and pass by the sign all the time so we thought we would try it out. We tent camped there in July 2007.

Describe your camping trip:

This place is so beautiful. They have ten sites right on the Santa Ana River with fire rings and plenty of room. It is covered by oak trees, and the sound of the water rushing by is priceless. There is a bar, restaurant, swimming pool and green grassy areas, where you can also camp away from the river. Jenks Lake is near by for lake fishing, or you can fish right from your campsite in the river. We went hiking, mountain bike riding, and even built a small dam to create a pool in front of our campsite.
Pros: The river and the rustic charm of the lodge, and the weather is so comfortable. If you like hiking or just wandering around nature.

Cons: They fill up fast, so you need to make reservations far in advance for river side campsites especially. The bathrooms are a little on the far side as well as the showers, and they are pretty gnarly, wear shoes.
Nearby attractions: Big Bear, Forest Falls, ski resorts, plenty of hiking trails, mountain bike trails and off road trails. There is Jenks Lake and horseback riding in Big Bear.

Further comments:

Everyone had a great time relaxing or keeping the kids busy.
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