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Cherokee KOA, Cherokee, North Carolina

Campground Review from Carly

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I found out about this campground on the Internet, and I cabin camped there in November 2007.

Describe your camping trip:

We took our family this past Thanksgiving holiday, and it was just a huge deception. Definitely not worth the $150 a night we paid for a kottage. The kottages are tiny with barely space for a couple. We were a family of four, and we felt crammed the whole time. On their Web site they advertised indoor pool, sauna and fitness room. Well there was no sauna, no fitness room and the indoor pool area was not heated. When we first checked in, they gave us a hand out with the hours for the pool, which it clearly stated that it would be open until 10 pm, so we arranged our schedule to go to the pool in the evening. When we got there around 8 pm, the kids barely had time to get in the water and this rude lady yelled that we had five minutes to get out of the pool. Hearing that my 9-year-old daughter tried grabbing on the pool ladder to get out of the pool and cut her hand on this sharp peeled back metal on the pool ladder. My husband tried explaining that the paper and the sign on the door said 10 pm. she said that she was told to close the pool at 8 and that is it. I was still dry so I tried going to the office, but there was no one there. We left the pool and never went back.
Pros: Nice creek that ran behind our cottage.

Cons: Unsafe campground open entrance from a busy road straight into the campground. It was not safe for us to walk the dog or for the kids to ride their bikes. Fishing pond was right next to the road full of garbage and litter.
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Further comments:

The awful irony of it all was that the indoor pool, sauna and fitness room were a deciding factor in choosing this campground, and did I mentioned we drove 11 hours to get to this place?
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