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Rockport 35 RV Park, Rockport, Texas

Campground Review from Ann

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I found out about this campground on the Internet, and I RV camped there in December 2007.

Describe your camping trip:

I called last February and talked to the owners asking questions about the campground, and they assured us of special questions about having extra trailers that there was space for them at our site, but there was not when we got there, and we were charged extra for them. We asked about washers and dryers, and they said we could use them. After we paid, they handed us the rules and the first one was no washers and dryers. Parked on a concrete space not large enough to even have slide outs.

Cons: People just didn't tell the truth about the RV park
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Further comments:

We did find a nice park in Rockport, and we are very happy. There was four couples traveling together. The people in Rockport call Rockport 35 RV Park concrete city.
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rockport 35 rv park, Member mikeo32

overall rating ""- five stars"" made reservations 2-21-2011 for 2-25-11@2-26-11 and found out that i have to work. I called to cancel and was told that it was non refundable ! i had to cancel within 7 days to be able to get a refund i didnt make the reservations 7 days before .I was never told when i made the reservations or i would have never whent through with it . $72.00 was lost and ther was no way to get it back. I have made and cancel reservations with camp grounds and was never told 7days . i have heard of 24 or 48 hr but never 7 days. I just hope that u read the reviews that this place has on it . i wish i had! i will make my reservations based on the review that i read on here . good luck and good camping to all wish u the best if u take the chance on rockport 35 rv park.

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