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The Treehouse Camp - Maple Tree Campground, Gapland, Maryland

Campground Review from Jo

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I found out about this campground on the Web, and I cabin camped there in March 2008.

Describe your camping trip:

A beautiful wooded setting, very great bird song. No RVs, so it is quiet. The sites are not crowded close together.
Pros: Peaceful, not commercial. Simple. Rustic. Newly remodeled bathhouse and cottages with wood stoves. Tree houses. Cool. Hot, outdoor showers.

Cons: no electricity.
Nearby attractions: River rafting, Harper's Ferry, Appalachian trail, C & O canal, horseback riding, Antietam Battlefield, an hour from DC, 10 minutes from train station that goes to DC or NY.
Further comments: The cottages with wood stoves are home-like. They have a library at the store where you can borrow books or get coffee. Good steaks in the freezer. It is only a 10 minute walk to the Appalachian trail.
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 4 out of 5
Beautiful setting, but the stinkbugs..., Member robintttt

My cousin and I were originally supposed to be camping the weekend we went, but because of rain, we decided to stay in one of the treehouses instead. THE GOOD: - Louise, the owner, was nice and polite. (I witnessed her patience being tested by some of the customers, and if I were her, I'd have told them to go jump off one of the treehouse porches.) - The weekend we went, there were a lot of kids around using the bathroom facilities and the showers, yet even though it rained the whole weekend, the staff still managed to keep the facilities clean. (No small feat!) - The outdoor showers were nice. The water was comfortably warm when I took my shower. - You get a good amount of wood in the bundles available for purchase. THE BAD: - The roads are rough and the bottom of my car scraped and bumped against ruts and rocks a few times. A 4-wheel drive would have fared better. - The most-memorable thing about the weekend was the stinkbug-infested treehouse we stayed in. I want to be fair here, because some parts of Maryland are being hit pretty hard by a non-native variety of stinkbugs right now (we have our own native species of stinkbugs, but the species that's really out-of-control is a non-native species), but like I said, this was a pretty bad infestation and some treatment, if possible, is needed. Difficult situation though to treat, especially in an outdoor setting, so I don't know... Just be prepared for stinkbugs to fly around your lantern at night inside the cabin and for it to become covered with the things. (We had to eat outside because of this, and then we went to bed early because we were tired of killing stinkbugs & having them fly around.) Also, expect to have them crawl all over your stuff and possibly on you. I had one crawl on my leg in the dark and another one crawling right above me on the underside of the top bunk. OVERALL IMPRESSION: - I would go back here again, because the setting is beautiful and peaceful, but the next time, I'd definitely tent camp and not stay in a treehouse.

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