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Shady Oaks Campground, Newmanstown, Pennsylvania

Campground Review from Dove

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This campground is owned by my in-laws, and I cabin camped there in June 2005.

Describe your camping trip:

I stayed in cabin #2 for a week. Nice quiet location with lots of friendly campers there. Cabins have full bed, bunk beds and a cot. There are nice trails and paths. Lewis McNally did an amazing job fixing the place up (R.I.P.). I got married at site 80, so I have a lot of memories of the place. There is a pool, clean bright bathrooms, a little shop where you can buy gifts and treats, and a playground for children.
Pros: Beautiful location and great people.

Cons: The owner and her boyfriend.
Nearby attractions:
Further comments: The place is beautiful and clean and everybody is so nice, so it is worth going there for a nice family oriented vacation.
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