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Big Oaks Family Campground, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Campground Review from obxbum

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I found out about this campground through research, and I cabin camped there in May 2008.

Describe your camping trip:

In previous years we have stayed in the new cabins located in a small cul de sac next to the large bath house. This year we were in cabin #6 of the original cabins. In design, the cabins are identical, but we found the original cabins are located in a small loop next to the maintenance shed. While the location was fine, the cabins are very close together. There is a small bathroom/shower located in this section for the cabins and tents. It was clean and well maintained, but only one shower and one stall. Each cabin is equipped with a dorm size refrigerator and microwave. The covered front porch has two chairs and small table. Upon entering the cabin there is a double bed immediately to the right. To the left are the fridge/micro and a small tea table and two chairs. A ceiling fan/light completes this room. Second room is comprised of two sets of wooden bunk beds. A/C is located in this room. Walls and floors are hard wood and easy to keep clean. Cabin comes with a broom and dustpan. Each site is equipped with a picnic table and fire ring. Water spigot usually located between two cabins and shared by those two cabins. We stay at Big Oaks to be close to the beach (2.5 miles). We leave early and return late in the day. Therefore we do not normally use any of the other facilities. There is a large playground, a relatively small pool, snack bar and well stocked camp store. There is a WaWa located just up the street. Shopping and dining are seconds away on Route 1.
Pros: location.

Cons: none.
Nearby attractions: Lewes, Rehoboth Beach, Ocean City, Cape May Ferry.
Further comments: Another great stay at Big Oaks Campground. We have really fallen in love with this place. Always clean and well maintained. Pleasant staff. Great location.
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