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Cayuta Lake Camping, Alpine, New York

Campground Review from CampFanatic

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I live near this campground, and I tent camped there in May 2008.

Describe your camping trip:

When some friends passed through the area on a trip, I suggested that we camp. I knew of the campground and thought it would be a quiet area situated on Cayuta Lake.
Pros: none

Cons: First off, the campground is nowhere near Cayuta Lake. It is located on a weedy tributary that eventually makes its way to Cayuta Lake. The land is flat and swampy with dilapidated campers permanently on the site. The bathrooms were dirty, but worst of all the woman who owns and runs it could not have been more rude to us, including coming to our tent at daybreak and shouting that we owed her money for some firewood we used the night before and had every intention of paying for.
Nearby attractions: If you want to make the 10-plus mile drive, Watkins Glen State Park and Watkins Glen International, but these are all a far distance from this campground.
Further comments: I wouldn't recommend that anyone visit this campground. Overall, it was a very unpleasant experience.
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 4 out of 5

My friend invited my family up for a weekend of camping in Watkins Glen, NY. I had no idea where or what Watkins Glen was let alone this lil' campground. When I first got there I thought to myself, ""What did I get myself into?"". I brought two kids (age 6 and 12) to the boondocks and went back in time about 30yrs. Then while setting up the tents the owners and their children came over. Their children took my two away to play like they knew each other their whole lives and Ms. May and her husband helped us set-up our campsite. By night fall I counted 55 happy campers (20 adults 35 kids). We sat around a bonfire and relaxed while the kids had nothing but smiles on their faces while running between the gameroom and playground. The next morning I was awoken by hearing the kids playing in the playground. I came out of my tent to find the kids picked up where they left off and Ms. May and the other guests had already served all the kids breakfast! Coffee was also already brewed at the log cabin for the guests. Ms. May's husband loaned me a quad to take the kids for rides. It's was Arianna's first time on a quad! They even told me the kids where fine for me to take the Mrs. for a ride. I couldnt pass up the offer! (It was a quickie but deeply appreciated!). Ms. May had told us they only owned the campground a short time and to please bare with them. But from what I could tell, they were on top of their business. I watched them bend over backward to accomodate all the guests. Cayuta Lake Camping Campground is the only campground that will allow your Quads/Snowmobiles. The owners also left the gameroom open for us. I'm ready to buy a seasonal membership. I forsee this lil nook located only 10miles from Watkins Glen Park becoming the best place up there. They invited us back in Oct.They are doing something for the kids Halloween. I'm going to call tomorow to reserve a trailor this time. I really like that I can rent a trailor right from Cayuta Lake Camping. And most importantly, the kids talked about their weekend the whole 3 hours home! Priceless!!!! Thank You Ms. May!!!

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