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Mesa Verde RV Resort, Mancos, Colorado

Campground Review from Hank

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I found out about this campground in Trail Life, and I RV camped there in June 2008.

Describe your camping trip:

The campground is laid out pretty well. We stayed on one of five terraces overlooking the rest of the campground. These are 50A sites, and they are in full sun and wind all day. They are more money and to us not worth it unless you want a feeling of superiority.
Pros: Good location between Cortez (8 miles) and Durango (35 miles), 1/2 mile from the Mesa Verde National Park entrance.

Cons: They advertise heated swimming pool and two saunas. The pool was down for repair as was one of the saunas. They also advertise three ponds, but they are unkempt and are more like swamps. The whole place is covered with crushed stone, which we didn't like because we like to ride our bikes. The grounds were not very well kept up aesthetically.
Nearby attractions: Too many to mention: Mesa Verde, Canyon of the Ancients, Anasazi Heritage Center, Chaco, Canyon de Chelly.
Further comments: We really tried to like this place. It was very expensive, but did not deliver on its promises. Peter the owner is a really nice guy (and very big). Apparently he recently bought the place and may be planning to bring it up to snuff. He's got a ways to go. We wish him luck.
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