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Lake Ridge RV Resort, Hillsville, Virginia

Campground Review from Dana

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I found out about this campground from a friend, and I tent camped there in June 2008.

Describe your camping trip:

The staff was extremely rude and hateful. Our reservations were messed up and upon arrival on Friday afternoon we were informed that a large party (500 people) had booked the campground for Saturday and that all facilities were blocked for use of the campers from 12-4. We were however told by one of the managers (Willa) that the game room would be open for the children to use. On Saturday after 45 minutes in the game room the children came back to the site to inform us that they were told that the game room was off limits as well. They were not allowed to use the pool, the basketball court, the putt-putt area, the slides, the game room, nothing that we had paid for as guests of the campground. When we went to the office to complain about the children being kicked out of the game room we were first laughed at by the staff behind the desk and when we once again asked to speak to a manager, Steve showed up. He said that if we didn't like it the door was right there and to leave. When we asked for our money back for Saturday night he replied that we wouldn't get a dime. Then he accused the kids of being out at all hours of the night running around the campground. All of the children in our group were in the tent and in bed by 9:45 pm.
Pros: Nothing.

Cons: Everything.
Nearby attractions: None that I know of.
Further comments: I would never suggest this campground to anyone wanting to actually be treated fairly or as a customer. Save your money and time. Go to Jellystone in Natural Bridge or KOA in Wytheville. The site was overgrown with poison oak, the electrical box was exposed, and the sites were not level. And to add insult to injury, all afternoon they were giving hay rides to the people in the private party all through the campground while our children had to sit back and watch as they passed by our site a number of times. This campground is owned by Legacy RV resorts out of Texas. We called there on Sunday when we returned home and spoke to a Bruce who stated that he would get back to us either that night or the next day. We finally had to call him back to have him tell us that the manager was giving a different story and he wasn't going to do anything for us. These are by far the rudest group of people I have ever had to deal with. They have no idea what they are doing and have no business dealing with the public. It's clear that all they want is your money and once they have that they could care less about your stay there.
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 5 out of 5
Awesome place, Member anonymous223

Level sites, most with beautiful white pine, popular, and rhododendron providing privacy and shade. The thing that sets this place apart from nearly every place we've taken our popup over the last ten years is the activities. They really keep you busy. They had bingo, crafts, a duck race, something going on all the time. The game room is a hive of activity, one time I looked around and there must have been 50 kids and adults playing pool, ping pong, video games, and bingo. The pool is very nice with twin slides, plenty of deck chairs and umbrellas, but only 4-5 feet deep. The putt-putt is simple but well maintained and surprisingly challenging. The bathhouses are the cleanest we've seen anywhere. We visited Disney's Fort Wilderness in May and this place was more fun, just as clean, and a far better value than Ft. Wilderness. We will be back, for sure!

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