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Plymouth Campground, Lake Umatilla, Oregon

Campground Review from Elli

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


I found out about this campground on ReserveAmerica.com, and I tent camped there in August 2008.

Describe your camping trip:

We camped with our large family and our two tents. The tent pad was blacktop and almost too small for our two good-sized tents, but would be fine for an average tent or two.
Pros: There is a great playground for the kids, and the bathroom has a free shower. The campground is nicely shaded with large trees - very pretty. It appears that all the sites are pull-throughs.

Cons: The sprinklers. We were told to keep our tents on the tent pad, because the sprinklers come on at night. We did so, but one tent still got wet inside and out.
Nearby attractions: We didn't investigate nearby attractions as we were moving pretty quickly.
Further comments: I would stay there again, but I would be sure to stay at a site on the playground side of the road for the shade.
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