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Little Mountain Marina Camping Resort, Langston, Alabama

Campground Review from Joy

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I found out about this campground in Woodall's Directory, and I RV camped there in August 2008.

Describe your camping trip:

This is a resort on Lake Guntersville. We found it in the Woodall's Directory and also online. On paper, it looked like a great place to visit. The sites are gravel, and the roads are semi-paved. Most sites have electricity, water and sewer except for a few popup and tent sites, which are right beside the lake. Indoor and outdoor pools with spas. Mini-golf and a game room. Several buildings with meeting areas. Food vendor on site.

We had an awful experience with this campground. We arrived right after dark. The signs for this campground were not easy to see at dusk, so we wound up driving past the entrance. At check-in, we were told to go find a site. As we drove around, one of the men from the office started to follow us around in a golf cart, which was very annoying since he wasn't much help in locating a site. He stopped us once, because we were going over the 5mph speed limit. After we found a site, he sat in his golf cart and watched as we backed in. When I returned to the office to register our site number, he started telling me about a sound he was hearing on my camper (helpful to know), but gave me a difficult time when I asked which side it was on, because he kept saying the right side and I wanted to know from which direction he was viewing the vehicle. Instead of saying the passenger side, he told me that there was only one right side of the vehicle. He then proceeded to tell me that I needed to have my husband take a look. This was offensive, since it is my camper, and I do all the repairs. (continued in comments)

Pros: Pools, lots of activities, full hookups.

Cons: Too many golf carts, not as child/family friendly as it could be, pool hours are not helpful to the parent who has children who are early risers, extremely far from any town with a store or restaurant. I asked where was the closest place to get a pound of ground beef and they couldn't help me with it. I went to their Web site to fill out a comment card, and their Web site wasn't working properly.
Nearby attractions: Guntersville State Park, Scottsboro, Alabama.
Further comments: (continued from description) The next day, I took my kids to the pool(s) and discovered that they didn't open until 10 am, and the sign said Adults Only swim until noon. When I asked about this in the office, they said they needed time to clean the pools every morning (other resorts don't seem to have this problem). Since we had to check out on Sunday, we only got to swim once. I took the kids to play mini-golf. Nice idea but they have 18 holes with only 3 main designs and one special design at the end. Not a creative course, but we did enjoy it. Our site was nice with lots of trees. The only problem we found with it was that there was a major ant colony there. Our whole camper was full of a swarm within 24 hours. We are clean people, but they were everywhere. The roads are okay, but they are not smooth enough for good bike riding. My children had problems with the rocks. Most people in the campground rode around in golf carts. Although this campground looked good on paper, we had an awful time.

I give it a 2 instead of a 1 since it has the potential of being a good place to camp, but we know too many other places that have their act together.

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 4 out of 5
Camping at Little Mountain Marina, Member JMAllen65

We have stayed several times at Little Mountain Marina and I just don't agree with some of the stuff that was written by other reviewers. First of all, from what I understand many of the campers there own a membership there and it's not as commercialized as other campgrounds in Alabama. As a matter of a fact this is one of the nicer campgrounds in Alabama to people that are looking for an ""all amenity"" type place with a pool and mini golf and such. It is true that the pool doesn't allow children until after 10:00 am but this is so the elderly people that want to get in their morning exercises in the pools can do so without dealing with a bunch of kids. The pools don't close until late at night. It just takes a matter of understanding and being courteous to others to be able to deal with this. I never found it a problem. The mini golf is very nice even though it is a small course but I thought it was generous of them to offer one in the first place. And they have a small but nice game room and a set of tennis courts. The roads are plenty nice enough to ride bikes on, my kids and nieces and nephews have never complained about the roads. The indoor pool is nice and clean and very well maintained, the outdoor pool is the same. They also have playground really close to the pool area. The campground also has a large restaurant/meeting hall that serves food for breakfast and lunch and some dinners. They have ice cream and a big screen TV. They play games on certain nights and have great fun. The area for the tents and or pop-ups is very nice and right on the water's edge - they have Geese there and they can be a nuisance and make a mess with their poo but other than that, it's a very nice area to stay in. It is true there isn't a store close by like you'd find at other campgrounds but I had no problem finding a Walmart - if you go out like you come in and take a right on the first large road you come to (it's a four lane divided hwy) you drive about 15 min to a Walmart. It's not a problem. Granted this is not like some of the mega resorts in Tennessee or North Carolina or South Carolina, but it's pretty nice for North Alabama.

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