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Wales West RV Resort, Silverhill, Alabama

Campground Review from Joy

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I found out about this campground online, and I RV camped there in May 2006.

Describe your camping trip:

This is an interesting campground just north of Gulf Shores. I camped here with my husband and two small children. We chose this campground, because of the trains. The trains are nice. The resort is greatly in need of an inspection by an outdoor recreation specialist. Although the concepts are good, there are several dangerous areas. The pool is indoors, but the French doors to the outside stay open to allow air to circulate. I had to watch my children closely to make sure they didn't go to the pool without me. At their beach area, they have a jungle gym with a slide that goes into the water. With the drop from the slide, I had to keep my children away from that area. They also have a waterfall area with a painted surface. The surface was growing slippery with algae. On top of the surface was a plastic jungle gym for children. When the jungle gym gets wet, it is a slip hazard and the only thing under it is the painted concrete. For me, it was too much to try to keep the kids away from the hazards.
Pros: Trains are interesting, close to Foley and Gulf Shores, nice activities.

Cons: Dangerous areas for small children, some concepts need more thought, dusty.
Nearby attractions: Foley, Gulf Shores, beach.
Further comments: Although the campground advertised wireless Internet access, we were unable to get a signal in our camper. We had to go out into the middle of the campground and sit on a bench. This didn't help me, since I work a lot online. The workers were never in the office. The roads were dirt and the campground was really dusty. Some of the sites did have a concrete pad, but ours didn't. We were placed in a smaller site, because of the size of our camper. The bathhouse was nice, but there was a problem with the hot water in the shower, and we couldn't cool it down. It was awful since we had to have hot showers, and we were all sunburned from the beach. Interesting concept, but we won't go back. Too much stress for a vacation.
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