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River View Campground, Sterling, Michigan

Campground Review from Thomas

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I found out about this campground through Google search, and I RV camped there in August 2008.

Describe your camping trip:

River View was a great place to stay. Friendly staff, clean facilities and attention to detail. They offer camping, canoeing, tubing and kayaking on the Rifle River.
Pros: The river was beautiful, and the campsite was very well maintained.

Cons: A few drunks on the river can cause a little problem, but nothing too bad.
Nearby attractions: Golfing, Lake Huron, churches, horseback riding.
Further comments: I'd suggest River View to anyone looking for a nice place to stay.
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 5 out of 5
Always an excellent adventure!, Member tgolebie

We've been coming up north to River View for the past 15 years. Always have a blast. Every year there always seems to be something new up there. A couple of years ago we saw some new cabins as we were driving down to our campsite. We booked one this year and it was awesome. Canoeing on the river is great. We get on the bus right away and are on our way up river. We always have a great time up there and would recommend this place to anyone.

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