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Crystal Isles RV Resort, Crystal River, Florida

Campground Review from Ellsworth

About.com Rating 2 Star Rating


We found out about this campground from a friend, and we RV camped there from January through March 2009.

Describe your camping trip:

My wife and I spent the winter here. It has a beautiful tropical setting with Spanish Moss handing from Live Oaks and Palm trees.
Pros: Pretty setting. It has a boat ramp with access to Crystal River, and it is only 5 miles to the beach. The town of Crystal River is charming with good restaurants.

Cons: The place is infested with no-see-ums that bite like crazy. You cannot sit out in the evening to enjoy the warm Florida weather, because of the bugs. Further, the park is owned by Encore. They have neglected this park for years, and it has deteriorated dramatically. The manager keeps using the excuse that everything "has to be approved by corporate." We keep hearing promises about things being fixed, but the promises are not kept. For example, we have been forced to use a big white tent as a clubhouse this winter, because the clubhouse was damaged by a hurricane last August. Also, it is not uncommon for the pool to be closed for some mechanical reason.
Nearby attractions: Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park, Crystal River, Gulf of Mexico.
Further comments: I would not suggest anyone plan an extended stay at this park. We are going to a different park next winter and will never come back to Crystal Isles.
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