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Waldenwoods Resort, Hartland, Michigan

Campground Review from shawnawrites

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I was buying parts for my RV and found an ad about a free weekend. I RV camped there in April 2009.

Describe your camping trip:

The campground is set on a beautiful lake that does not allow any gasoline operated boats on the water. They have a beautiful 3 mile walk and a place for everyone. There is a teen center with crafts for the younger ones, and you have to have a background check and card to get in so, they can keep campers safe.
Pros: There is a teen center and every hour something going on for teens and small children to go to. They have two playgrounds, catch and release lake, 3 mile nature trail, a pool and whirlpool. The scenery is beautiful, and the bathrooms clean. They have a little cafe with Wi-Fi and other needs, and I have found their prices are cheaper than the competition nearby. I could go on and on.

Cons: If you like backwoods and no neighbors, this is more like a community. The sites are big and surrounded by trees. This isn't an outhouse only campground though.
Nearby attractions: They have a golf course close by and stores. I haven't checked out what else, because I like to stay on the campground.
Further comments: Check out their Web site, if you go on a tour you get a free weekend camp. When I received this I used it to take my daughter and her friends on a camping weekend for her birthday. Every hour they had something for the girls to do. They also teach sailing to 14 years old and up, kayaking, peddle boat, and my youngest age 7 goes to all the crafts and other things they offer. I have been on my free weekend last year around September and then this past week. The people are nice and the workers really do make sure you are happy. I also before staying there walked around and asked other campers. I had found people who have been camping there for 10 years. If you want to sit by a fire and let the kids go and have a blast, this is the place. They even offer adult activities, swimming, etc.
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