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Stateline Campresort, East Killingly, Connecticut

Campground Review from Mike

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I found out about this campground on Google, and I RV camped there in May 2009.

Describe your camping trip:

I want to spare people from the worst campground ever. It is on the Rhode Island - Connecticut line in East Killingly, Connecticut. It was by far the worst campground I have ever been to.
Pros: none

Cons: First off, the person on the phone told us, "Your site is beautiful. It's a huge site that is wooded." All the sites were horrible. Maybe a handful were half decent. They were all cramped together, and there were monster RVs everywhere. The campground nickel and dimes you on everything. Everything at this campground costs money. Don't bring your own wood, because they want to sell you their wood at ridiculous prices. The check in process was horrible. We sat for 25 minutes after driving 2 hours to the campground. Some, but not all of the staff was very Rude. This place had a bunch of activities planned, but once again everything cost money. Any activity that didn't cost money was put together poorly and cheaply. The facilities were not up to par. The bathrooms were in very poor shape, and the showers actually had black mold on the shower curtains and on some of the wood. I can also say that most of the other campers were very rude and unfriendly. I can completely understand this however, because they were probably just as disappointed as the rest of us.
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Further comments: We do a lot of camping and have been to dozens of campgrounds. We know what to expect and what not to expect, so please take this non-recommendation with that in mind. I hope this helps someone out there from making the worst mistake of their camping season.
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 5 out of 5
First time camping!!!, Member funtime2013

I had never been camping before and I heard about Stateline Campresort from a friend. My family and I had the best experience here being ""newbies"". The office staff was always smiling and helpful. The maintenance guys helped with every aspect great customer service there!!! Anybody who likes to camp should go there. There are lots of activities for all ages as well....Trivia was awesome!

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