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Nature's Campsites, Voluntown,Connecticut

Campground Review from popup55

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I found out about this campground from friends, and I camped there in June 2009.

Describe your camping trip:

This was our worst campground experience ever. Problems from the very start, making reservations: Had to leave messages, confusion caused by misspelled names and upon arrival double-booked sites. Visited Web site and emailed questions, but email returned. Beautiful property appears to have been prosperous in the recent past. Beginning to suffer from neglect now and is not maintained. Two train cars were left to deteriorate and fall apart so that they are now a safety hazard. Fireplaces were not cleaned, sites unkempt and not clearly marked, picnic tables in disrepair. Bathrooms fairly clean, but plumbing not good - toilets clogged on Sunday morning. When reported to management, received only the reply, "Oh, that happens every day" and no effort to fix. First night, very loud campers partied until the wee hours with loud music, laughing and drinking until 2:00 am. Next night, same campers hired a DJ and loud music permeated the entire park until 11:00 pm, at which time the boisterous campers yelled again until 1:00 am. Apparently, we were also identified by manager to partiers, as we were verbally harassed all afternoon. During the night, two RVs in our party had sewerage valves mysteriously opened. Complained again to management and reply was only, "That's not good." No apology, no attempt to make amends. We rented a canoe, which leaked and took on water. One of the pools had chemical issues that resulted in cloudy, greenish water. Complete and utter disrespect for this gorges, natural resource as well as for the campers.
Pros: Valuable natural resources including two ponds and a river.

Cons: Everything else.
Nearby attractions:
Further comments: Many recently empty seasonal sites in addition to regular sites, and now we know why. We will not return. We will save ourselves the aggravation and head north to Vermont's pristine state parks for less than half the money.
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 4 out of 5
History and Changes, Member CindyLee777

Been camping there over 30 years and yes, it unfortunately did become what was described. 1/3 of the ole seasonals left because of the things cited and how the owner double, and in some cases quadripled the fees without batting an eye to folks who camped there for over 20 years. BUT, we hung in hoping the family would return to its roots so to speak when the ole man who created it took pride in how it looked and functioned. Heidi the grandson's wife is awesome and is saving it.....encouraging improvements and adding activities and above all enforcing the rules. She truly cares about the campers; especially us seasonals. Always accommodating and respectful. This campground is the best of all worlds. Wooded sites, enough activities, close to the beaches and the casinos. Please give it another try...:o)

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