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James M. Robb-Colorado River State Park, Palisade, Colorado

Campground Review from Harry

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I found out about this campground on their Web site, and I RV camped there in June 2009.

Describe your camping trip:

Very nice campground with an excellent two mile hike beside the Colorado River. Peaceful and serene with amazing views of the Rockies.
Pros: Clean and level concrete pads with easy access to full hookups. Park rangers were very helpful and friendly. Camper services building with laundry facilities was nice and clean with flush toilets. Excellent area for trout fishing.

Cons: Bathrooms containing vault toilets smelled horrible. Mosquitos were abundant and annoying. Don't go outside without protectant. The "swimmin' hole" is more like a pond. Great for anyone who doesn't prefer a pool.
Nearby attractions: Grand Junction and the Dinosaur Museum.
Further comments: I would definitely stay there again.
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James Robb State Park Fruita, not so Fruity, Member mtbigfish

On a recent mountain bike trip to Fruita we decided to tent at James Robb State Park. Sounded like a great idea until we arrived and saw and smelled the location of the campground. The campground is portrayed online as a pristine, majestic state park near the river. What they donít tell or show you online about this campground is that itís approximately 300 feet from the freeway, 310 feet from the Fruita sewage treatment plant, 325 feet from a locomotive train crossing, 350 feet from the local truck stop and about 500 feet from the McDonalds dumpster. Iím taking the time to tell you the truth about James Robb State Park. This campground is far from the beautiful State Park they advertise on the Internet. In fact James Robb State Park is barren, non-secluded place to camp near Fruitaís sewage plant. The smell was horrific. The only good part about the campground was the public showers. They were very clean, nice and large, just perfect for getting the smell of sewage off of you after a good nightís rest. If you donít mind sleeping with trains, freeway noise, your campsite 25 feet from the next campsite, and the smell of a port-a-potty this is the place for you. If your are looking for a recommendation stay at Monument State Park (on bluffs with spectacular views of valley, outside of Fruita 10 miles) or High Line State Park (on the water, 7 miles from Fruita)

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