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Worlds of Fun Village, Kansas City, Missouri

Campground Review from Harry

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I found out about this campground Web surfing, and I RV camped there in June 2009.

Describe your camping trip:

Just a few yards from the Worlds of Wonder amusement and water park. No shade or grass. Amazingly nice hot tub and pool complete with lifeguards. Nice for families with children. A little noisy for those that want a quiet break from driving or a good night sleep. Pads were concrete and somewhat level with full hookups and amenities.
Pros: see above.

Cons: A little crowded, but to be expected around this environment. A little difficult to get into from I-70, if you are in rush hour and have to keep an eye on everything. Exits can be confusing.
Nearby attractions: Kansas City Missouri and their amusement and water parks.
Further comments: Exceptionally clean RV park, but somewhat crowded.
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