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Bowman Lake State Park, Oxford, New York

Campground Review from Holly

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I found out about this campground through a Reserve America search for nearby parks, and I tent camped there in August 2009.

Describe your camping trip:

This is a pretty little campground that is perfect for people who want a more rustic experience. We stayed for a weekend in the tent-only loop and had no immediate neighbors. The sand beach is great and a brand-new playground was great for the kids. Concession and camp store, while VERY small, are a nice convenience.
Pros: The campsites are very wooded, with many options to choose from. We loved that there was a tent-only loop, which ensured that we would have no problem staking our tent, but we also found many sites in the other loops that are good for tents. There are many bathrooms (toilets and sinks only) scattered throughout the campground, so everyone has reasonable access to facilities. Campfire wood was only $1 for 4 pieces (you pick the pieces), which is significantly cheaper than anyplace else we have camped. Each site had a charcoal grill, cement fireplace with a grate for cooking, and of course, a picnic table. Staff was very friendly and helpful. The park also has very nice hiking trails, boat rentals, and fishing.

Cons: This can be a very wet place. if there has been a lot of rain. Our site was fine, but others were quite muddy from recent rains. There are not many showers at this facility - one shower building near the tent loop that has 3 shower stalls and 2 toilets on both the men's and women's side. One additional shower building is located in the other section, with a total of two showers. There are also no scrub sinks, so be aware to bring proper equipment for washing dishes at your site. Overall, sites in the tent-only loop were definitely smaller than in the rest of the campground, but there were plenty to choose from, and we found several that would have accommodated our 8-person tent plus screen house.
Nearby attractions: Binghamton and Syracuse are both within about 45 minutes.
Further comments: This is a very pretty, quiet place to camp and despite the close to 200 sites, not crowded by any means.
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