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Limekiln Lake Campground, Inlet, New York

Campground Review from Joanne

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I found out about this campground in a conservation magazine, and I tent camped there in August 2009.

Describe your camping trip:

The campsites were well maintained, and the staff was exceptional.
Pros: The location in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains. The people and the scenery.

Cons: I did not find anything bad about the campground.
Nearby attractions: Adirondack Museum, Old forge, Water Sarfari.
Further comments: The other campers that were there were all very friendly.
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 3 out of 5
, Member caper1212

Limekiln Lake is a beautiful campground. But, sadly the park supervisor died a year ago. His replacement, a young female is still learning her job and just doesn't do very well. The park has become a party park for young people. Quiet hours have not been enforced and it gets loud and rowdy on weekends. The state doesn't provide the repairs necessary and the park is starting to show it.

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