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Sylvan Lake State Park, Eagle, Colorado

Campground Review from xman

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I found out about this campground on the Colorado state parks Web site, and I tent camped there in September 2009.

Describe your camping trip:

The park is about two hours west of Denver on I-70, then south on highway 6 and Sylvan road for about 14 miles. The park is secluded. There are no nearby towns, and only one road leads in and out. There are two campgrounds: Elk Run campground has 30 large, spacious tent and RV sites. The campground sits away from the lake. Some sites have a good view of the lake. Even the farthest site is no more than 1/4 mile from the lake. Fisherman campground sits on the lake and has about 10 crowded RV and tent sites. There is a 3rd (unofficial) site. It's a group campground for RVs sitting farther away from the lake. There are also 9 cabins sitting atop the hill with an excellent view of the lake. The park has bathrooms with showers.
Pros: The campground and Elk Run has large spacious sites for RVs and tents. The sites have tent pads, picnic tables and fire rings. There are trees at the sites, so that shade is available during the warm, sun-intensive days.

Cons: None, but if you're looking for local attractions in/around the park, you're out of luck. The park sits in a secluded area south of Eagle, so if you're not into hiking, fishing, photography, and relaxing, then you might get bored.
Nearby attractions: Eagle and Gypsum sit about 14 miles north of the park on I-70. Eagle has their Potatopalooza festival every September. Glenwood Springs, farther west on I-70, has their diversity festival in September too. Once on I-70 you'll find all the attractions available in small towns and ski resorts like Copper, Vail, Eagles, etc.
Further comments: Beautiful man-made lake. Lots of pine and aspen trees.
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