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Fountain Creek RV Park, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Campground Review from Ron

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I found out about this campground in the Trailer Life Campground Directory, and I RV camped there in September 2009.

Describe your camping trip:

This campground was one of many that we stayed in on a four week western trip. The sites were so close together that you could not open your awning and had we not taken two spots (with management's approval) our neighbor would have to move their table next to their RV for us to open our slides. The drives were so narrow that we had to have a vehicle moved to get our RV out.
Pros: The management was nice and some beautiful attractions.

Cons: The drives were too narrow and crowded with vehicles, and the sites were very small with little room to set up. In general the park appeared to not be well kept.
Nearby attractions: Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, Air Force Academy, Cripple Creek.
Further comments: In the years of camping and traveling to 48 states, this is the worst campground that we have ever stayed in.
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