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Shades of Sherwood Family Camping Park, Zumbrota, Minnesota

Campground Review from Rose

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A friend told us about this campground. It was the best advice we ever recieved about a campground, and we RV camped there April to Octember 2009.

Describe your camping trip:

Shades of Sherwood is very family orientated, comfortable suroundings, very clean and everyone seems so friendy and helpful. Lots of activities for the whole family to participate in.
Pros: The whole experience was terrific.

Cons: none
Nearby attractions: Only 30 minutes to Rochester and 50 minutes to the metro area.
Further comments: I would suggest this campground to everyone. It has so much to offer. Whether it's just the two of you or a whole family, it's great.
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 1 out of 5
Don't waste your money, they won't give it back!, Member sweet8nov

Every year we go camping with an old friend of my husband's and his family. Usually we go to Jellystone Park in Austin, Minnesota but since rates had gone up this year we weren't sure we could afford it. Shades of Sherwood sounded like a great compromise. We had stayed there a few years ago before they got hit by a flood and it wasn't bad. Things have changed. First off we reserved two sites ahead of time and specifically asked for them to be awning to awning. The lady assisting us assured us that would be no problem. She also bragged about how new everything was since the flood a few years back. When we got to the campground the sites were not awning to awning, and they made a huge deal about changing it. We were supposed to stay for four nights, and they said they could put us awning to awning for one night and then we would have to move. The bathrooms were atrocious, most of the toilets were plugged with toilet paper and bowel movements. The women's stall that was available wouldn't even lock. When my husband set up the camper the electrical box fizzed and sparked at him, so we had to plug into someone else's outlet. My seven year old almost stepped on a 3 inch rusty nail, and upon further investigation we found several more nails. By the time the nail incident had happened I had had enough and went to the office. We had arrived at five and it was now seven fourty-five. The office was closed for the night, there was nothing to indicate that they were closed for the night, and there was no number to call in case of an emergency. When confronted the next morning the manager was only going to refund our wristbands. We had already decided we were leaving and wanted our money back for the three nights we would not be staying. The staff was rude, with the exception of the older gentleman who looked at our electric issue. We had paid $410 cash for our four night stay and ended up only getting$168 back. We left by noon and won't be back.

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