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Holly Bay Campground, Laurel River Lake, Kentucky

Campground Review from Shirley

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I knew about this campground, because my daughter lives in the area, and I RV camped there in June 2009.

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Beautiful campground in the Daniel Boone National Forest. Very well maintained and clean. Nice showers, several trails in and around the lake. Several sites have lake access where we could pull our boat up to within 100 foot of our campsite, but these sites are also the most popular. Boat ramp in the campground just for use by the campers, fish cleaning building just as you come up from the ramp.
Pros: Good fishing and scenery, close to marina.

Cons: Seems to get a lot of use, very hard to reserve a campsite on a holiday.
Nearby attractions: Cumberland Falls and Cumberland Gap.
Further comments: Very friendly and helpful staff, who told us that they were putting in new electric service over the winter, making it 50 amp service.
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Holly Bay campground, Member JBrianHouse

First off I would like to say that Holly Bay is a beautiful campground! But if you work and cant get there till mid day on a Friday you can forget it! They tell you to reserve a spot on the internet. But the internet always says there full. but today I called and they said two of the spots were open and the internet was saying full. Personally I think you have to know somebody to get in there. They do say most people will just pay a full week and drive all the way down there and set up a pup tent in the spot to just get to stay on a weekend. Its pretty there but NOT THAT PRETTY! You could go to Pigeon Forge, TN and stay in a real nice campground for that! actually a lot cheaper! They really need to do like the state parks and modernize things at there campgrounds. But I guess you have to look at who owns the campground. THE U.S. GOVERMENT!!!

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