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Kelleys Island Campground, Kelleys Island, Ohio

Campground Review from Julie

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We had visited Kelleys Island before and decided to check out the campground. We RV camped there in August 2009.

Describe your camping trip:

Campground itself was very nice, close to downtown area, peaceful, clean and decent size sites.
Pros: Beautiful area, some campsites close to the lake, nice views. Clean, good power to site. Nice location on the island. Close to beach area.

Cons: The staff was unbelievabley mean. It was a chore to help you get registered. I had reservations, but was rudely told that no I had no reservation. Then they said they would put me in one site, move me the next day (all that packing). and they moved me into the site number that I had reserved. I had to go back to the office 3 times, half the day shot by following their orders. Two people in line behind me, she told one of them to come up before me even though I had been waiting longer. Both other people later on outside said how nasty she was to them as well. Love Kelleys, but after paying over a hundred bucks to get the RV over on the ferry, and then treated like that, I was crying and ready to go home. Miserable 3 days after dealing with these women.
Nearby attractions: Kelleys Island, beautiful beach swimming area, kayaking, good food, several breweries, golf cart rentals, island exploration.
Further comments: I wish they would inform employees that this is their job to get people checked in. It's what pays their wages. They don't have to be so mean and hateful. I also sent a letter to ODNR. I will not go back.
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