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Pirolli Park Campground, Petersburg, Michigan

Campground Review from Mary

About.com Rating 5 Star Rating


I found out about this campground on the Internet, and I RV camped there the summer of 2009.

Describe your camping trip:

This is a great family campground, tons of stuff for kids to do and music at night for all. They have a fully stocked store with beer and liquor. There was a deli with super hand-tossed pizza. They even cook breakfast in the a.m., so you really do not have to bring anything. The prices are very reasonable. It was a fun experience.
Pros: Fully stocked store, deli, homemade pizza, crafts for kids, music in evening, security to make you feel safe, very clean and well maintained.

Cons: none
Nearby attractions: We didn't have to leave. They had everything we needed right at the campground, food, beer, wood and ice.
Further comments: I would recommend this campground to everyone. Pirolli Park is very family oriented and a fun place to camp.
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