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Big Fish'n Campground, Lafayette, Indiana

Campground Review from Wendy

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I found out about this campground from friends, and I tent camped there in June 2010.

Describe your camping trip:

Three lakes, beautiful location, much larger than it appears. Easy to find.
Pros: Fishing, swimming pool, primitive sites, secure entrance.

Cons: Owners personal use of swimming pools. Finally opened the pool at 4:30 pm for their use only. They even told one of our children that they would open the pool for themselves when she went to get candy from the store. When the children begged to get into the pool, they were more concerned about showing for entering the pool that they were drinking alcohol in the pool. They literally bullied us out of the pool and they then asked us to leave when we confronted them with customer satisfaction and double standards. Even called the Sheriff's Dept. to escort us off of the property. No law was broken, no threats were made. They just decided we wouldn't get along. Poor sheriff felt awful. Kids were crying, and they did not refund our money.
Nearby attractions: Pretty isolated. Lafayette and West Lafayette are near by.
Further comments: One of the major attractions was to entertain the children with the pool, but the camp pool advertised it opens at the owner's convenience even with hours posted, and it seemed to be for private use.
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