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Camping Advice and Tips

Camping tips and advice, frequently asked questions, suggestions, and useful information for enjoying the outdoors.
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2013 Readers' Choice Award Winners
About Camping readers nominated their favorite destinations and products in camping. We narrowed down the best to five finalists and then we voted. There's no prize, but the winners will take the most prestigious award in camping -- a 2013 Readers' Choice Award!

Camping with Dogs - Tips for Camping with Fido
Your dog probably loves camping and the great outdoors as much as you do. If you plan to take your best friend on your next camping trip, make sure you plan ahead so everyone has a good time. Consider these tips and advice for camping with your dogs, so that you and your pooch are prepared for dog camping success.

Sleep Secrets for Campers
Rest easy and get a good night’s rest while camping with these tips, advice and sleep secrets for campers.

Readers' Choice Awards 2013
Tell us your favorites in camping. What is your favorite U.S. Wilderness Area, the best Canadian park, and your favorite RV resort. Tell us your favorite RV manufacturer and favorite backpack for backcountry camping. Vote for your favorites in About Camping's 2013 Readers' Choice Awards.

Best of Camping - 2012 Readers' Choice Award Winners
The 2012 Readers' Choice Awards have come to a close and the winners are decided. About Camping asked your favorite state and national park to pitch a tent, the best camping tent manufacturer, the best outdoor activity, your favorite way to campground cook, and which outdoor retailer is your favorite.

Why Go Camping?
Campers share their reasons to go camping.

Camping Tips - Advice, Recommendations and Suggestions for Campers
Camping Tips - advice about gearing up, camping basics, step-by-step how-tos, sleeping bag and tent FAQs, descriptions of various types of campgrounds, and suggestions from fellow campers.

Camping On A Budget
Cheap family vacations. Take a family of four camping for a week for under $400.

Car Camping Primer
Advice and resources for planning a camping trip.

5 Things to Love about Fall Camping
The fall season is a great time to be outdoors enjoying the change in colors on the trees, the warm days and cool nights and a perfect time to experience solitude in the great outdoors. We love camping in the fall and hope you will too!

Campground Safety
A list of safety concerns for campers.

Storing Food At The Campound
Suggestions for how to avoid food spoilage while camping, plus tips for food preparation and storage.

Camping Advice: When in Doubt, Don't
Be aware of factors, mostly involving people, which can turn a camping trip unpleasant.

Taking Showers At The Campground
Checklist and tips for taking showers at the campground.

Camping Blogs
Bloggers share their camping blogs. Submit your blog about camping and read other camping blogs. See submissions

Camping Trips Gone Wrong
Have you ever had a camping trip go wrong? See submissions

Free Camping in the National Forests
A guide to finding a free dispersed campsite in the National Forests, plus an account of my adventures in Kaibab National Forest near the Grand Canyon.

Do You Take A Cell Phone When Camping?
What are your thoughts about taking a cell phone with you when camping?

What Do You Think About Campgrounds Charging A Cleaning Deposit?
Campers share their thoughts about campground cleaning deposits.

What Are Your Camping Expectations?
Readers share their expectations when camping at public or private campgrounds.

Campers Respond
Campers respond to various questions and issues in the camping world. Are you opinionated? If you see a topic of interest, feel free to share your story.

Camping How To's
Instructions for some common camping chores.

Camping Expectations
What to expect when camping at private campgrounds versus camping at public campgrounds.

The Art of Overnighting Outdoors
A series of lessons on the basics of camping.

Campground Showers
Fellow campers share their tips for taking showers at the campground.

Camping in Bear Country
A story of a bear encounter and some tips for how to avoid bear encounters while camping.

Web Tips for Campground Owners
Are visitors leaving your Web site before considering your campground for a vacation?

5 Tips for Easy Campground Cooking
Campground cooking doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, campground cooking can be quick and easy, yet delicious with a few basic preparations.

5 Tips for Camping Relaxation
It's not as easy to unwind on your weekend camping trip as you may think. There's lots of packing to do, and once you arrive there are so many things to do! Here are a few tips to unwind and enjoy nature on your weekend camping escape.

Girls Gone Wilderness
How to take your girly-girlfriends camping and enjoy the great outdoors. 7 things girly girls dont like about camping and the solution.

How to Plan a Camping Road Trip
Plan a successful camping road trip with a few tips and advice form our camping experts. Hit the open road with confidence.

What is Glamping?
Glamping is an elevated luxury camping resort. Not only is it as fantastic as it sounds, but now you can add some glamour to your camping trip.

Camping and Bugs
If you are going camping, you’ll likely see some insects and bugs. Not all bugs bite, but the ones that do can be a nuisance. Here we have the best ways to keep the bugs away and have an insect-free campout.

Camping Questions and Answers

This list of camping questions was compiled over the years from email that I received from readers.

Plan a Spring Break Camping Getaway
Spring break is a great time to pack up the car and hit the road with your best buddies. Whether it is your first time camping, or you are just looking forward to some time outdoors, we have some resources to help you plan your spring break camping trip.

5 Secrets for the Perfect Camping Trip
A great camping trip is one you’ll remember for a lifetime. Delicious food, the family dog, and stargazing will complete any camping trip and elevate it to perfection. We’ve compiled some of our best advice to help you get camping and having a good time whether you are a seasoned camper or heading out for your first time.

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