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Car Camping Primer

Advice for Planning a Camping Trip


Car camping, unlike backpacking, is a means of getting to the campground without having to lug all your gear on your back. Admittedly, the rewards to backpackers who venture into the backcountry usually outweigh the exhaustive trek getting there. However, many of us, especially us older folks who no longer have the strength and endurance to backpack, must employ other means of getting there, such as by boat, canoe, horse, RV, or by car, with car camping being the means by which most of us probably began.

Just because you aren't walking into the backcountry of some national park or the wilderness of some forest doesn't mean you can't find outdoor destinations that are just as rewarding while car camping. Consider the wonderful beach campgrounds up and down both coastlines; the national parks with campgrounds located near natural and scenic attractions; and, on weekdays when they are typically less crowded, the state parks with their variety of outdoor recreation opportunities.

Even if you are just beginning campers, a memorable outdoor adventure is waiting. You don't need a lot of expensive gear, although you will need some provisions, but with a little planning, some patience, and your computer, you can prepare yourself for a great camping trip. To learn more, follow the links below to resources that you can use to plan your next camping trip.

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