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Best of Camping - 2012 Readers' Choice Award Winners


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Favorite National Park for Camping -- Glacier National Park
Best of Camping - 2012 Readers' Choice Award Winners

Hole-in-the-Wall backcountry campground. Backpacking in Glacier National Park.

Photo: David Restivo, National Park Service

Campers love the national parks. Each US National Park offers scenic nature and a rugged, natural environment, but Montana's Glacier National Park is the 2012 Readers' Choice Award winner. Glacier is known for its picturesque glacial carved valleys, alpine meadows and rugged peaks in the Northern Rocky Mountains.

What About Camping Readers are saying about Glacier:

  • "Glacier Park has the most scenic and spectacular vistas and mountains. Phenomenal place to go! You have to see it to believe it!" - Sue Ann
  • "So much beauty, animals and great camping!" - Gene Dianna
  • "Love to hike to waterfalls and lakes!"- Angela
  • "It's the most beautiful park in the world!" - Holly

About Glacier National Park:
"With 13 different campgrounds and more than 1,000 campsites to choose from, camping options are plentiful in Glacier National Park; and Glacier is a backpacking paradise, too. Famous for its towering mountains, pristine alpine lakes, abundant wildlife, and more than700 miles of trails, Glacier is an amazing place to visit."

Favorite US National Park for Camping Results:

  • Gold - Glacier
  • Silver - Yellowstone
  • Bronze - Yosemite
  • Runners Up - Great Smoky Mountains and Grand Canyon

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The Top 5 US National Parks for Camping: Glacier |Grand Canyon | Great Smoky Mountains | Yellowstone | Yosemite

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