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2013 Readers' Choice Award Winners


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The Best in Camping
2013 Readers' Choice Award Winners

Mrs G Cranham of Mitcham on a camping holiday near Le Mans in her Volkswagen camper van with a tent extension, June 1962.

Photo: © Gerry Cranham/Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

About Camping asked your favorite U.S. Wilderness Area, the best parks in Canada and your favorite state park to pitch a tent. The readers nominated and voted for their favorite camping tents, the best outdoor retailers, their favorite backpacks, and the best RV or camper.

The campers nominated their favorites and decided on up to five finalists in each category, then we voted. There's no prize, but the winners will take home the most prestigious award in camping -- a 2013 Readers' Choice Award!

And the winners are:

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