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2013 Readers' Choice Award Winners


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Favorite RV or Camper - Airstream
2013 Readers' Choice Award Winners

Sisters camping in Airstream travel trailer next to a lake in Montana.

© Getty Images | Darrin Klimek, Riser Collection

There are so many great camping trailers, RVs and campers on the market today, but only one can win top prize. The iconic brand, Airstream, was voted as the readers’ favorite RV or camper and the winner of the 2013 Readers' Choice Award. Airstream is known for the rounded silver shaped travel trailers, but the company also makes travel coaches.

About Airstream: "Founder Wally Byam developed Airstream’s revolutionary low, rounded shape – making towing easier and more stable. Using aluminum he also made trailers light as possible. After over 80 years, the Airstream concept is still relevant today, lowering fuel and horsepower needs. Airstreams are known for superior structural integrity: their semi-monocoque construction weds inner and outer aluminum layers to an integrated aluminum frame." – Airstream.com

Favorite RV or Camper:

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