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Camping in Whitefish, Montana and Glacier National Park


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Plan a Whitefish Weekend
Camping in Whitefish, Montana and Glacier National Park

Camping at Avalanche Campground, Glacier National Park

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On the western slope of the Continental Divide and near the west entrance to Glacier National Park is the town of Whitefish, Montana. With its nuevo old west storefronts, bustling downtown, lakes, rivers and rugged wilderness, Whitefish is the perfect adventure portal for a camping trip.

If you haven't yet visited big sky country, it's time to pack up and go camping. Now, that's easier to do than ever before and you don't have to drive across the country. Glacier International Airport near Whitefish, Montana has direct flights from Minneapolis, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Denver, Atlanta, Chicago, Las Vegas and San Francisco/Oakland.

Glacier was voted the best national park for camping in the 2012 Reader's Choice Award and Montana was a finalist in the best state for camping category. There are plenty of reasons why— remote wilderness, alpine lakes, world-class fishing, miles of hiking trails, plenty of campgrounds, open land and solitude. But to truly understand the scope of Montana, you'll just have to see for yourself.

Note: Montana is home to grizzly and black bears among a host of other wild animals. Proper food storage is necessary and required by law. Before you go, familiarize yourself with bear safety information and how to store food in grizzly country.

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