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Top Spots for a Camping Getaway

Plan your next camping trip with these favorite destinations.


The best camping trips usually include a great destination. Campers love the great outdoors, national parks, wilderness areas, beaches, lakes and mountains. Your favorite camping destinations have opportunities for outdoor recreation and adventures, offer a relaxing natural environment, and have scenic views.

Before you plan your next family camping trip, consider these top spots for camping and RVing. We've explored the great outdoors for the best spots to pitch a tent and found the top campgrounds for your next camping getaway. This list is a round-up of the best places to camp in North America.

1. Top 5 U.S. States for Camping

Photo: Missouri Division of Tourism

The best places to camp in the United States offer a variety of landscapes--beaches, mountains, rivers, lakes and deserts-and a variety of campground options including state parks, national parks, private campgrounds and forest areas. Each state has a unique appeal, but these five states were your favorite camping destinations in the U.S.

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2. Favorite National Parks to Pitch a Tent

Photo: National Park Service Historic Photograph Collection

With 59 national parks in the United States, there are a lot of great places to discover the outdoors. The National Park Service protects natural resources and provides camping experiences for all to enjoy. The best national parks for camping were chosen for a variety of reasons – camping opportunities, natural environments, and gorgeous landscapes.

Plan a camping trip to one of the Top 5 National Parks.

3. Best Canadian National Parks

© Ryan McVay | Getty Images

Canada’s pristine wilderness, rugged mountains and secluded beaches combine to create some of the best national parks in the world. There are 44 national parks in Canada that offer developed, primitive and backcountry camping experiences for campers of all interests. The national parks in Canada are top destinations for camping in North America. The readers voted on their favorite spots for camping in Canada and five parks stood out from the rest.

4. Whitefish, Montana and Glacier National Park

© Monica Prelle

Glacier National Park was voted as the best national park for camping by About Camping readers. Whitefish is a small town located on n the western slope of the Continental Divide and near the west entrance to Glacier National Park. The area is a great base camp for outdoor adventures in the Rocky Mountains and an ideal area for a family camping trip.

Plan a Whitefish, Montana and Glacier National Park camping trip.

5. Top 5 U.S. Wilderness Areas

© Wilderness.net

The Wilderness Act of 1964 created a preservation system of wilderness lands in the United States. There are more than 700 federally protected wilderness areas that provide outdoor recreation and wildlife viewing, and conserve sensitive environments for future generations to enjoy. Not all wilderness areas provide camping opportunities, but many offer backpacking, solitude and recreation.

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6. Lake Tahoe Camping and Recreation

© Monica Prelle

Lake Tahoe’s 71 miles of shoreline provides scenic lakeside camping at numerous campgrounds. The high alpine lake’s stunning blue water is highlighted by the surrounding Sierra Nevada mountains. Tahoe is not only a top spot for camping and RVing, but also a favorite destination for boating, hiking and bicycling. Lake Tahoe is located in both California and Nevada and offers the best campsites for RVs and families.

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7. Favorite State Parks for Camping

© Monica Prelle

With thousands of state parks across the country, it was tough to choose just five state parks for this list, but the readers voted and the best came out on top. The favorite state parks for camping offer a variety of landscapes, but each one has numerous campsites for camping. The best state parks have multiple campgrounds and are located around the country.

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8. Camping along California’s Central Coast

© Monica Prelle

With its rugged and secluded coastline, California’s Central Coast is a top spot for a camping roadtrip and a favorite destination for beach camping. From Santa Barbara to Morro Bay and Big Sur, the coast provides hundreds of beach campsites. And the Central Coast isn’t just pretty, there are plenty of things to do like surfing, mountain biking, hiking and wine tasting. Or if relaxing at the beach is your preference, you can just dig your toes in the sand and enjoy California’s scenic coast.

Plan a Camping Roadtrip on California’s Pacific Coast Highway

9. Best Canadian Provincial Parks

© Tourism BC/Albert Normandin

There are thousands of provincial parks in Canada that have campgrounds suited for RVs and tent camping, and provide recreation for all types of outdoor enthusiasts. From tall mountains to remote islands a variety of environments are waiting to be explored in Canada. While there are many top spots for camping in Canada, Canadians are passionate about their favorite parks and these five were voted as the readers’ favorite provincial parks to pitch a tent.

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10. Virgin Islands National Park Camping

Cinnamon Bay, St. John, US Virgin Islands
photo © Karl Weatherly / Getty Images

There is nothing like camping on a sandy beach in the warm and humid climate of a tropical island. Virgin Islands National Park located on the island of St. John is a favorite destination for beach camping and ocean recreation. Pack your tent, snorkel and bikini, and head off on a tropical island national park camping getaway.

Plan a Virgin Islands Camping Getaway.

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