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Camping Advice for Beginners

Are you new to the great outdoors? Use these resources to get started in the wonderful world of camping.
  1. Glossary of Camping Terms (67)

Camping Dont's: What Not To Do On a Camping Trip
Most campers don’t intend to have poor camping etiquette -- they simply just don’t know any better. Want to have no fun on your next camping trip? Read this.

Common Sense Tips for Camping
Half of being a good camper is about being prepared. The other half is about using common sense. Consider these common sense tips.

What They Don't Tell You About Camping
So you're ready for your first camping trip. You've got your checklist, and everything is in order. If only it were that simple. What they don't tell you may surprise you at the campground.

Cardinal Sins of Campers
Good campers use common sense and are courteous to those camping around them, while others either lack awareness or aren't prepared, and they have no regard for their campground neighbors. Have you ever been guilty of one of these sins?

Common Mistakes Of New Campers
Examples of common mistakes that new campers make at the campground.

Camping Basics
Improve your art for camping with this series of topics that cover the basics of camping.

Camping Lesson 1 - Gearing Up
Camping for Beginners Lesson 1 - advice about what gear you'll need to get started.

Camping Lesson 2 - Where To Camp
Camping for Beginners Lesson 2 - learn how to find a place to go camping.

Camping Lesson 3 - Setting Up Camp
Camping for Beginners Lesson 3 - tips about how to set up your campsite.

Camping Lesson 4 - Breaking Camp
Camping for Beginners Lesson 4 - tips for packing up and leaving the campsite clean for the next camper.

Camping Lesson 5 - Arriving Home After Camping
Camping for Beginners Lesson 5 - tips for unpacking and storing your gear when you arrive home from a camping trip.

Camping Lessons By Email
Learn about camping in 5 easy lessons. Know what camping gear you'll need, how to find a campground, what to expect when you get to your destination, how to set up your campsite, and how to be a good camper.

Girls Gone Wilderness
How to take your girly-girlfriends camping and enjoy the great outdoors. 7 things girly girls dont like about camping and the solution.

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