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My Camping Gear - Photos and Reviews

Out With the Old and In With the New


In case you're wondering, yes the camping guide really goes camping. I've been camping since I was eleven, and it's been some time since I've been that young. I've gone through more than my share of gear over the years. By 2006, much of my basic gear (tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, down jacket, backpack, boots, and camp stove) was 30 years old. Even though it was still useable, I decided it was time that I finally replaced it. I spent plenty of time shopping around online and comparing specs. I was looking for quality gear with good features at a reasonable price. Once I found a piece of gear that I liked, I then did some online cost comparisons to find the best price. I personally purchased all of the items featured in this gallery, and include where I bought each item, when, and for how much. Here is my camping gear.
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Play and Freeze Ice Cream BallPlay and Freeze Ice Cream BallVortex Hand Crank BlenderVortex Hand Crank BlenderGSI Waffle IronGSI Waffle IronRome Pie IronRome Pie Iron
Kelty Trail Dome 4Kelty Trail Dome 4Kelty Trail Dome 4 FootprintCamp Chef 9" Charcoal StarterCamp Chef 9" Charcoal StarterKirkham's Oversize Covered Foam Pad
eGear 12 LED Lantern with Dimming SwitchSlumberjack Bonnie and Clyde Double Sleeping BagWeber Baby Q Gas GrillWeber Baby Q Gas Grill10X Gore-Tex Rain Jacket10X Gore-Tex Rain Jacket
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