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Best Stocking Stuffers for Outdoors Aventurers – Gifts for Camping

Camping Gift Ideas for the Holidays


Are you looking for the perfect gift for your favorite camper or outdoors adventurer? There are a lot of great camping gifts on the market and we've selected our favorites for stocking stuffers. Here's a selection of the best camping gift ideas that range in price from under $20 to under $200.

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Alpen Optics “MagnaView” Binoculars

© Alpen Optics

Campers love to relax at the campground and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, but have you ever spotted a bird perched high in a tree and wish you could see it better? With a pair of binoculars, identifying and enjoying nature has never been easier.

Often considered the best binoculars for the value, the Alpen Optics MagnaView are comfortable, and durable, but still offer the quality sports optics. The MagnaView has an ergonomic comfort grip and rubber armoring for protection. All Alpen Optics binoculars come with a “no-fault, no-problem” lifetime warranty.

MSRP $75.00

SteriPEN “Freedom” Water Purification System

Image: © SteriPEN

The SteriPEN Freedom is a small and reliable water purifier ideal for the backcountry camper, hiker, camper or traveler. With its use of ultraviolet light, the purification system destroys bacteria that can cause serious illnesses. It easily tucks in your pocket or backpack and quickly purifies unsafe water sources. You can use it to treat water from lakes, streams, or even unreliable sources like campground water spigots.

MSRP $119.95

Ultimate Survival Technologies “SaberCut” Hand Saw

© Ultimate Survival Technologies

No one really wants to carry around a saw when they are camping, but often when you are trying to get a campfire started you wish you had one. The Ultimate Survival Technologies “SaberCut” hand saw, is small and compacts down into a small, safe carrying case. The saw and case weighs only 6 ounces!

The 24-inch flexible blade is designed to cut through even the hardest wood, quickly, efficiently and safely. If you are a camper that loves to have a campfire this is truly a handy tool.!

MSRP $29.99

Liquid-Solutions “Majes-Tea” Brewing Travel Mug

© Liquid-Solutions

The travel tea brewing system by Liquid-Solutions is ideal for tea lovers and allows campers to brew loose leaf tea directly in their mug. The 12-ounce Majes-Tea travel mug features a marine grade stainless steel brewing basket and BPA free double wall construction that keeps your hot beverages hot while outdoors.

MSRP $17.99

Goal Zero “Nomad 7” Solar Panel

© Goal Zero

With the power of the sun, the Goal Zero “Nomad 7” solar panel will allow even the most adventurous camper to sty connected in the wilderness. Campgrounds and backcountry wilderness areas don’t have reliable power sources, if any power at all.

The compact and portable solar charging system is most popular for charging cellphones, MP3 players and tablets, though with the various adapters, you can charge just about anything, so long as you have sunshine.

MSRP $99.99

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